Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh my jeebus so busy!

Ok so I admit I have been slacking in the blog department. >.< So sue me! It's for a really good reason I assure you hehe. Been SOOOOO busy creating things. Up to 25 items now offered in marketplace. I have a main store location in Dragon's Tail now as well as two satellites. One in the Pinkmares sim (love that girl) and one in the up and coming Savage Redemption clan sim (great clan). But yeah came out with a whole line of boots that I'm calling Bootehs. I couldn't help myself they remind me of comfy fluffy casts or something lawls. 

Stil have alot of kinks to work out. Like random stuff. I have learned that building with temporary images is cost effective but gosh forbid if you scatterbrain self forgets to upload the permanent texture >.< Have fixed a couple of these and of course if you ever come across something just not right...MESSAGE ME. I can not stress this enough. I am not one of those store owners that is bothered by a simple hello please help me. My im box is always open or you can send me a notecard. It all comes ot my phone so I get it I promise and I will get in touch with you to help you.

I am also looking for some product testers. I can't pay you but hey you get free clothes. Your responsibilities would include: Checking to make sure all textures show up.(Damn pesky temp textures) Making sure all items are set to the right permissions ( I would hope someone would tell me if stuff was full perm by accident) And ya know just giving me general feedback. I want to make people happy while still sticking true to who I am. Like the Bootehs. I LOVE THEM TO PIECES but I am a very very short avatar so I am not sure how they will fit on taller avatars. Things like this help me to be a better creator for you.

The Big Cheez- For The People

Friday, July 13, 2012

<.< A tube top for the ages!!! Before My Eyes

*blinks* Oh mah gah! *blinks* What's all this? *sways about*  I see....I see...SPOTS...Spots before my eyes. This rottenish polky dotty tubey greatness is my latest creation in a whimsical psychoness I have frolicking about in my brain. Before My Eyes is a 100 % mesh tube top that fits Standard Sizing. L,M,S,XXS,XSS included. Please enjoy this latest offering and see my style card listing for a complete run down of the outfit seen in the pictures. This is the tube top only.

Monday, July 9, 2012

First Shirt Offered Up For Mah Whovians....Spoilers!!

Hello Sweeties!
For all you Whovians out there, here is a cropped sexy River Song Jumper! On the front you have a Tardis with the symbols of Gallifrey language behind it, and on the back... of course...
Spoilers! A great shirt for you or that special someone in your life!
This Jumper is mesh and comes with the alpha layer and standard mesh sizing, XL, L, M, S, and Extra small!
I hope you guys enjoy my first offering as far as clothing is concerned. More to come don't you worry!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Banana Geisha

Stalking like a tubby elephant through a mystical jungle, more flubbery then a bowl of jello. Is it some unknown beast? No! It''s BANANA GEISHA!!!!!! Hahaha yeah at any rate this little ensemble is both playful and yet slightly sophisticated in it's color palette. The polka dots are  precocious while the pastels of the top lend a shyness. For that extra touch of studiousness kittenish glasses.The pudgy geisha is an excellent conversation piece while the boots and banana tiara just wrap this whole outfit up into a darling package. Hope you enjoy this outfit as much as I enjoyed putting it together and wearing it.

 Estimated Cost (without skin): 1727L

If interested in brows or shape please IM Momi Tigerfish. Both were made exclusive for her so will be sold on a case by case basis.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Airbourne Wellies

The beret comes marching one by one hoorah...HOORAH! Hey there Vigilantes! Got my first offering up on Marketplace for ya. This first tidbit of Fashionista goodness is called Airbourne Wellies. I decided one day my Wellingtons weren't just for rainy weather. Cherry red rubber, a short skirt, some layered shirts, refurbished socky poos, and a beret as the whipped cream and poof you have the below look. I dunna it's hard without being too hard. Rather bad ass if you ask me and sexy without showing too much skin. Make-up is by Void but I am pretty sure it has been discontinued or I would have listed it as well. Also I would suggest coupling it with some goggles of some kind and you'd get a really nice aviator feel. As always if you got questions hit me up in world: Momi Tigerfish. Thanks for checking me out and letting me make you over x.O

Estimated Cost (without Skin): 2738

If interested in brows or shape please IM Momi Tigerfish. Both were made exclusive for her so will be sold on a case by case basis.